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The center was established as of the Official Gazette of April 19, 2010 as a result of the initiatives of a group of academicians and came into effect following necessary appointments in September.

The aim of the center is to improve the living conditions of the vulnerable groups in the society, especially the young and old people, in cooperation with relevant academic units and national and international agencies and institutions, to involve them into the society as beneficial individuals, to enable the active participation of the youth in the democratic social governance and increase their social, cultural and academic knowledge by taking responsibilities in this regard, to develop social responsibility projects towards enabling the interaction between social groups in light of contemporary values and scientific data and enable their application with the active participation of the groups in question, and to generalize all the above-mentioned issues within the society.

The project was designed to be fed by four basic channels: the youth, young retired people, universities and public and private institutions. The success of the project depends on the active participation of all these channels, thus expanding the interaction area as much as possible. Therefore, it is quite important that all the personnel of the university including the academicians, especially the youth, young retired people and public and private institutions support the project with their energies and ideas within a common spirit of solidarity. This is why your critics, innovative ideas and participations will be greatly welcomed.